Hungrytown & Ciska Ruitenberg

The Musical and married duo Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson, who play together as Hungrytown have been intensively touring the UK, USA and elsewhere for more than a decade.

I heard them perform in Saltburn last year, where I heard an evening of entrancing harmonies and great songwriting from world class musicians. A couple of days later I met them near Skipton and we visited Howarth together. Rebecca and Ken told me about their fourth unreleased album, that was just finishing mastering, made during their pandemic enforced break from touring at their home in rural Vermont.

Subsequently I heard the album, which is due to be released next Spring and was so moved and thrilled by one of the best albums I have heard in a longish lifetime of listening to many thousands of albums, that I wanted to be a part of making Hungrytown better known to the world.

To do this I have arranged gigs in three major Northern cities:

Sunderland on Saturday October 21st 

Sheffield  on Sunday October 22nd

Leeds on Wednesday October 25th 

Hungrytown will be playing music from their first three albums and previewing songs from their fourth, ‘Circus for Sale’.

At the shows in Sunderland and Sheffield, Hungrytown will be joined for a very rare UK appearances by Ciska Ruitenberg, a singer songwriter whose words and voice I have adored since I first heard her sing on a CD I bought in at Virgin Records in Amsterdam’s Magna Plaza more than  25 years ago.

The title song of that CD, ‘Lovely’ by Spot remains possibly my favourite piece of music of all.

After Spot, Ciska recorded the album ‘Hide and Seek’ with the band Violet, which to this day still sounds a truly innovative record every time I listen.  Ciska also sang on the Flying Dutchman’s brilliant albums ‘Trip To The Core’ and ‘Pathfinder’, as well as providing backing vocals for Robert Jan Stips’ song ‘ The Long Song’ on the Nits’ masterpiece ‘Les Nuits’

With her band Ndromeda, Ciska made an EP and the great album ‘ Into the Lazy Eye’

For the Sunderland Saturday and Sheffield Sunday Ciska is backed by Simon Bijmolt and Baruch de Herder, who play together as the duo Naima’s Jazzists.

To hear why you should come and see the gigs, listen to the below: