THE Gunslinger………

I was doing a lame gig with lame musicians in a lame club in the hip city of New York. As I was contemplating my sins, and wading my way through boring solo number 491 on an especially lame version of a standard blues song, Sugar Blue walked in.
He’d just become a star, (Listen to HIS harmonica lick on the Stones’ “Miss You“), and was the flavor of the year.
We went way back. We’d played some amazing shit in the past, but I hadn’t seen him in a while. He strutted into the club like a western gunslinger, and the audience gasped in awe at his presence.
I was too down to be awed by anything or anyone, but was happy to see him on this night of boredom and low level playing. Funny thing about Sugar. He’s real, and stands for no bullshit.
And here I was, bullshitting for bucks, and playing the blues with fools.
The band was very flattered when the hero politely asked to sit in, and we started playing some standard blues or other. We sucked. He waited. And then he started playing and lit up the room!
Suddenly, God came down into the club to listen! God loves good music. He sat in a chair and heaped blessings on the stage…..and scared the shit out of the band.
To make a long story short, the band faded away ’til the only thing you could hear (and feel) in the room was Sugar Blue, and the now freed from slavery Terry, praying the blues.
After the song, I thanked Sugar and God for visiting that night and rescuing me. I walked off the stage and out the door with them, and never played with that band again.
Sugar and God both laughed evilly on either side of me as we walked down the street humming in harmony.