Who is Terry Mann?


Since I was a teenager, I have been obsessed with the rock music of the 1960s and 70s. I have heard thousands of records on my endless quest for great music, which continues to this day.
On a trip to Amsterdam , I happened to visit a bar where the trio playing moved and excited me so much, I went up afterwards to speak to the trio’s leader. That was Terry Mann, and the story he told me is one that compelled me to bring his music and story to the world.
Terry Mann has possibly the most interesting untold story of any musician who began their musical journey in the late 1960s. From the Fillmore East and Woodstock via New York punk, to the music he makes today.
When he was very young, Terry ran away from home to New York City. There, he became involved with some of the legendary figures in the history of rock music. As a performer his first appearance was in a coffee house in Greenwich Village, and his last show in New York City was playing during the punk era at CBGBs.
In between, as security person at the Fillmore East. Terry describes himself as a servant to the stars. As a favourite of rock promoter Bill Graham, he ran some interesting errands, including minding Miles Davis when he played at the Fillmore East. Terry worked as stage security at the Woodstock Festival (staffed by Fillmore East staff), where he was one of the original crew of 50.
During the time he worked at the Fillmore, Terry brought some amps up from the building’s basement to have some fun playing music and jamming with a couple of other Fillmore employees. Bill Graham heard them through his open office door and was so impressed, he suggested Terry support Johnny Winter when he played at My Father’s Place in Long Island.
Terry became an instant star as a result of that gig and was offered a deal by Rolling Stones Records but chose to sign with Windfall and Felix Pappalardi. In the studio, he watched Felix work and was his and Gail Collins’ songwriting protegé.
Terry had his own personal class on the making of one of his favourite albums, ‘Disraeli Gears’. Later, he played bass with Leslie West and Corky Laing after Jack Bruce left the blues-rock trio, West, Bruce & Laing. After he left Windfall, Terry was involved with Kiss for while.
Along the way, Terry had encounters with Jimi Hendrix, Tim Buckley, Phil Ochs and Tim Hardin and many other music legends as well as playing with John Lennon . He learned ‘Suzanne’ from listening to Leonard Cohen playing it in coffee houses.
Terry saw the Grateful Dead at the Fillmore, and loved their music so much, he worked for them them as a crew member when they toured.
Terry also toured, doing lights for Rainbow as well as helping to build the P-Funk Mothership. In 1981, Terry issued his own single, ‘Fire’, under his own label, Fly By Night Records. ‘Fire’ was one of the first American records of the punk era that John Peel played and was reviewed in NME.
In the early 80s, Terry left the USA and his musical adventures took him to the streets of Europe, where he toured in his VW van, becoming a street musician, developing his improvisational and performance skills, before settling in Amsterdam, where he has lived for many years, becoming a local musical legend.
Terry, who was always more interested in songwriting than being a star, has spent his life playing music for amusement but has now decided to focus on music as a career and bringing his music to the world. Embodying the influences of his peers and heroes, Terry brings the spirit and fun of the underground 60s and 70s straight to your ears.

See Terry in performance.

Terry Mann will talked about as rock legend in the future – don’t miss the chance to be one of the first see him play in England in 2023; you’ll be very happy to be able say you did ! .