Who Is Louis V. ?

Louis V. is the author of the novel ‘Station 23′, of which you will hear much more soon.

Below is a brief bio, In Louis’ own words:

Louis V. was born in the infamous Dutch winter of 1963 in The Hague, The Netherlands. At the time the North Sea was partly frozen. His mother was born and bred in The Hague, while his father was of Indo-European descent and arrived in The Netherlands in the late forties, having spent his youth in the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia. His mother was a housewife, although she had many jobs before her son was born, one of them being for the Dutch secret service. His father was a lawyer and economist. 

Louis V. spent his early youth in a post-war suburb of The Hague. As an only child he grew up in a family with a very active social life, so from an early age on he became acquainted with lots of people from all walks of life.  Later the family of three moved to the centre of the Hague. After finishing high school, V. studied for a brief time history at the university of Leiden, only to switch to history of art later on. He became a Master of arts in 1988, with a graduation thesis on the Canadian director David Cronenberg.

After his studies Louis V. worked mainly in the field of culture as a video maker, music reviewer and writer of articles and art catalogues. He wrote and directed a short film and over the years was active in different bands, recording and performing in a number of post-industrial acts. 

He wrote numerous short stories and a screenplay for a low budget film of which the production fell through at the last minute. Out of this frustration grew the urge to write prose again, of which ‘Station 23‘ is the main outcome.